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I am so excited to be one of Jill Holt's brand ambassadors.

I have been reading about the other ambassadors over this

week, they have all worked so hard and I have a lot to live

up to and I know I’m only at the very start of my horse journey.

I love riding and horses. Jill has been my coach since I was 7 - we have had lots of fun. I have a 13.2 pony called Foxy, who especially loves showjumping and arena eventing. The past year has been amazing in so many ways even though it started with a bump! I broke my wrist this time last year but since January, with Jill every step of the way, I have got back to riding and have gone from competing at 60cm to only just today going clear in my first 80cm showjumping Competition and getting a Team 1st. I really enjoy riding club and pony club and have had the best adventures going to Riding Club Champs in Lincoln, with Jill at my side as well as some amazing friends. Other highlights have been going to PC Regional Champs at Bicton and NSEA Grassroots Regional Champs at Moreton and winning individual 75CM.


Things I need to work on are not getting so nervous, keeping my left heel down and working on my dressage!


The favorite parts of my week are my lessons with Jill and Riding Club. My challenges for 2022 are getting cheeky Foxy to go clear over a cross county course at a competition - we are having lots of fun trying! Also can't wait for Jill's first camp next year and to meet the Ambassadors that I don't know.




Hi my name is William Swift and I am 14 yrs old. I have

owned Amber for 3 yrs now and when we bought her she was

quite green and nervous it took her a while to settle in with us.

During this time we have grown a wonderful bond and have

learnt so much.This  summer we have attended our first ODE

together and our first Hunter Trail where she took everything in her stride and performed amazingly.We have also attend Saxon dressage camp and attended local competitions.We have regular lessons will Jill and my  Granny and Auntie also passes on her knowledge to me. My other interests are shooting, fishing, cricket and farming and I also love a game of bingo 🙂.




Lola is a horse mad 9 year old and her pony is Sully. In the year

that Lola has had Sully they have had lots of fun getting to know

each other, they are part of Wylye Valley Pony Club and enjoy

doing Dressage, Showjumping and Tetrathlon. Having had some

mixed results this summer their plan for the next few months is to work hard on their flatwork and try and get some consistent clears showjumping at 70-75cm in preparation for what will hopefully be their first season eventing in 2022.


As well as riding her own pony, Lola enjoyed her first season with the Shetland Performance Display Team this year and hopes to be part of the team again in 2022. The team attend various events and entertain the crowds racing Shetlands and raising money for Bristol Children’s Hospital.


Lola’s goal is for her and Sully to be ready in all 3 disciplines to do some eventing next season and she is hopeful that with Jill’s support she will reach her goal.


Huge thanks for this opportunity, we don’t have any facilities at our yard so this will be a huge help over the coming months.


I am a 13 year old young rider from Wiltshire. I am currently

competing at 80cm on my 14.2hh Connemara gelding, Ferragh.

We have been competing together for just over twoyears now

and I feel that we are ready to move up to 90cm. I also have a

young shetland, Alfie, I am bringing him on for my two younger sisters. I am hoping to show him

in hand this year. My goals for this season are to successfully make the transition to competing at

90cm, work on a more consistent dressage score, pass my Pony Club C+ badge, introduce

Alfie to the show ring, begin competing in the School Equestrian Games. Long term I want

to compete in BE and work up the levels and I would love to Pony Trial one day. My overall

goal is to have fun with my amazing pony and enjoy our achievements and learn from our

unsuccessful moments.



I am a 12 year old eventer who is competing at 80.I ride to ponies.

Cracker who is mine is a 14hh bay gelding and Summer who is

owned by Ingrid Smythe and she is kindly letting me ride her.

My goals for this year are to do a few BEs and move up to 90





I am a 17yo event rider based in the South West. I have been

riding since I was 1 year old and my highest achievement is

winning pony club area eventing on a 19.6 dressage. My current

ride is Bandmastersmaid (aka Roxy). She is a 15.2hh thoroughbred

mare. Our main disciplineis eventing unaffiliated and affiliated. We are currently competing at 90/100. My aims for this

season are to be successful at 100 and hopefully step up to Novice in 2022. Alongside eventing I

am a member of British Dressage competing up to novice level hoping to step up to elementary.




I’m 33 years old and after a serious riding accident at work 4 years ago

where I fell from a horsewhich became spooked while I was mounting, I

suffered major leg and ankle injuries and then I became disabled. Shortly

before I could even stand up straight I bought my horse Ruby (Benate) and After initially thinking I wanted

to be a dressage rider, Ruby turned me to showjumping! after a very successful year with her winning several big classes at numerous venues I’ve just bought my second horse Africa (Dream Girl 2nd). Some of my goals are to win the national para league and also the equestrian graded league, and my big goal is to win internationally and be on a podium with one of those giant bottles of champagne , and of course to raise awareness and encourage disadvantaged persons like myself to get out there and join the sport!



I am 11 years old and I have a 14.2hh ISH called Pixie who is awesome.

Our goals are to have fun, learn more about jumping and to improve our

dressage skills. We would like to continue to compete for Bath Riding club,

Tedworth Pony club and my school team. Being an ambassador for Jill Holt Equestrian makes me feel

excited as I want to promote Jill as she is such a amazing teacher!



We look forward to working with you all over the coming year

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