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Virtual / Online Monthly

£10.00 per class 

Open to all riders. 

There are vouchers for 1st (£10), 2nd (£7.50) and 3rd (£5) places and rosettes to 10th place. 


No arena necessary, just mark out an arena in your field as the ground is drying up. 


Videos must be taken from the letter C, where the judge would sit.


Dressage Rules


  • Riders must introduce themselves with your name, horses name and the test you are riding. 

  • No dress code, just wear your gloves (any colour). Horses do not need to plaited unless you want to. 

  • A simple snaffle, regular caveson, flash, figure-eight or drop noseband are permitted. 

  • Bandages, boots, martingales, draw reins, side reins, running reins, are not permitted. Martingale is permitted only in the warm-up.

  • Whips may be carried during a test, but may not exceed 47.2″ (120 cm).

  • Riders may have a reader however, it is the rider’s responsibility to know the test.

  • Movements may be read only once.

  • Use of voice while riding your test is not permitted.


We will post the classes at the beginning of each month. Then choose your test, send it to us via WhatsApp or messenger and results and sheets will be posted back to you.


Results must be in by the end of each month, results will be revealed the following week.

Please complete the online application form and make payment online

(details for payments are on the form) 

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